Effective March 2012, the Payson Graduate Program in Global Development has temporarily suspended admissions to the Ph.D. program.  Please continue to check our Website for updates.

Academic Programs

The Payson Graduate Program in Global Development (formerly known as the Payson Center for International Development) is an interdisciplinary center at Tulane University’s Law School offering Master’s of Science in International Development, Joint Juris Doctor and Master's of Science, and Doctorate degrees.

Since its inception in 1997, the Payson Program has generated one of the fastest growing academic programs at Tulane University. The Payson Graduate Program in Global Development delivers to students a solid foundation of interdisciplinary theories and practices to improve the quality of life for populations in the developing world. The program’s focus is deeply rooted in sustainable human development, which leads to societies that are environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and socially just.

Payson's academic program emphasizes a comprehensive approach to standard international development analysis by incorporating not just economic, but social, environmental, and cultural dimensions as well. International Development, as a field of study, is relatively new. It emerged from critiques of post-World War II programs designed to alleviate poverty and promote economic, democratic and social development in second and third world countries after independence. International Development studies, therefore, promote a cross-disciplinary understanding of economics, sociology, political science, anthropology and language, among others.

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