The Payson Graduate Program in Global Development (formerly known as the Payson Center for International Development) of Tulane University's Law School combines academic degree programs with internships and project-related employment in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Faculty and students are working to improve the quality of life of the world's most vulnerable populations in less economically developed countries.

Our academic offerings include a coordinate undergraduate major in International Development as well as Master’s, Joint Juris Doctor and Master's, Master of Laws (LLM) in Development and Ph.D. degrees with a focus on sustainable human development (SHD). Our academic program is problem-oriented, interdisciplinary and uses technology to facilitate learning and problem-solving.

Our focus on sustainable human development requires that our faculty come from a variety of disciplines including: law, economics, public health, political science, history and computer science. This helps students to learn to think in more holistic and comprehensive ways about international development.

But it is not enough to study development issues. Learning and problem-solving occurs in the field, so many of our students work with faculty on grants and projects. Currently, graduate students are working on projects such as measuring the "worst forms of child labor" in the cocoa fields of West Africa, evaluating humanitarian aid initiatives in Haiti, tracking the impact of the BP Oil Spill, and numerous other projects, including HIV/AIDS projects in Rwanda and reconstruction in Northern Uganda.

Our programs are exciting, cutting-edge and important.

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